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It is interesting to note that in China, customers don’t like fuel injected engines. You find these more often than not in International Brand machines, such as Cat, Hitachi, Komatsu.

Direct Fuel Injection is supposed to increase output of the engine while also reducing fuel use. These engines are designed to take modern low sulfur engines as they run best on these types of fuels which are now mandated in western countries. In previous years, the sulfur content of diesel sold in western countries was 500 parts per million. In recent years, in order to reduce pollutant footprint, governments in the west have mandated that diesel must be reduced to 15 parts per million. In doing so, engines needed to become more sophisticated to pun on these low sulfur content fuels. Likewise, putting high sulfur content desiel in these engines deisgned for 15 parts per million sulfur is bad for the engine.

The problem in China is that the only diesel sold contains 1000 parts per million. Putting this fuel into engines designed for low sulfur content is cuasing the engines to run poorly. The power output suffers, as well as the fuel economy.

This is why in China, people avoid fuel injection engines.

In years past


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